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What happens to your body when you eat a Big Mac, Fries and Coke? – Max Lugavere

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‘What happens if you eat a Big Mac with Fries and Coke?’ 

Cooked fast. Served fast. Eaten fast. That’s fast food in six simple words. On today’s Mindvalley Podcast we have NYT bestselling author Max Lugavere to help us debunk the fast food industry and answer your burning questions about the one thing you love the most – FOOD!

Listen out for:

  • Whole Foods vs Processed Foods.
  • The direct correlation between inflammation and illnesses.
  • Alarming trends behind burgers and muffins.
  • Is it healthy for you to eat rice?
  • A healthy alternative to Coca-Cola for your next Netflix marathon. 
  • How junk food companies use devious advertising tactics to lure children.

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