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The 3 Keys To Manifesting with Sarah Prout

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The Journey To Manifesting Do you believe in the power of manifestations?

If you say yes, you’ll be excited to know the step-by-step to manifest more powerfully in this incredible episode with Sarah Prout. Even if you say no, this episode will help you understand, how you can live a life that’s authentic to your core.

Sarah is the host of the Journey to Manifesting podcast and co-founder of the Manifesting Academy. Today, you’ll discover that you can manifest your truth through your connection to The Universe and through empowering your emotions. Get ready to be inspired.

“Feelings becomes things… (As) Sentient Beings, we are feeling all the time — the way we feel about those things is what drives the manifestation.” — Sarah Prout


Highlights from the episode

  • Sarah opens up about how she survived domestic violence and how it helped lead her to stumble upon the powerful ideas of manifestation
  • Sean and Sarah share the story of how their union transformed into an incredibly successful online business
  • Lean in, as Sarah explains the simplicity of manifesting and how to differentiate it from junk food personal growth
  • The first step to manifesting begins with taking ownership. Sarah explains in detail how you can do so effectively so look out for the keywords, emotions, and flow
  • Sarah explains how the second step to manifesting arrives through the challenges of uncertainty and the importance of getting comfortable with the uncomfortable
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  • The third step to manifesting lies behind the concept of reverence. Listen as Sarah shares how everything happens in Divine Time

People mentioned in the episode

  • Sean Patrick Simpson, co-founder of The Manifesting Academy
  • Ursula Gestefeld, 19th Century New Thought author
  • Michael Singer, New York Times bestselling author

Resources mentioned in the episode

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