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How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over – Mel Robbins

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‘What my work centers around is equipping humanity with these simple tools that give us the ability to pause before emotions take over and take us down a negative spiral.’

Times are pretty tough on our psyches right now. But what if there was a simple technique to be your saving grace and it took only 5 seconds? We’re proud to host the legendary Mel Robbins on The Mindvalley Podcast – international best-selling author and most booked female speaker in the world! And she’s got a lot to say to you…

Listen out for:

  • What you CAN and CANNOT control right now.
  • The 3 Simple Techniques that immediately re-wire an anxious brain.
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  • The Golden Tool that sounds totally stupid – Why the 5 Second Rule works!!!
  • When you’re totally exhausted and can’t focus, Here’s what to do next.
  • Why you do NOT need to turn on the News today.
  • Why does our animal brain need a sense of security?

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