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How To Create A Company That Amplifies The Health Of Its Employees with Vishen Lakhiani

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Is your workplace adding or subtracting years to your life?

We spend 70% of our waking hours at work. It’s only right that our work should rejuvenate us instead of the opposite.

So how can we structure work to infuse us with all of life’s joys?

The ideas you’ll hear in this episode will work with large teams, communities, schools, and even for solo entrepreneurs.


Listen out for:

(02:55) The five overarching keys to shifting your company culture

(05:58) The two types of longevity and how Mindvalley started experimenting with both

(19:00) The difference between happiness and positive optimism and why it matters


(35:04) An easy practice in creating connections and meaning at the workplace 

(50:51) The importance of nurturing growth-mindsets and cultivating a give-back culture


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