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How To Change The World With Pizza, Periods & Poop – Miki Agrawal

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You can live in a child-like state of curiosity, playfulness, and awe and still be responsible at the same time! 

Pizza, Periods & Poop! You don’t need more than these three words to know that the guest of this episode has an extraordinary mind. If you happen to be a struggling entrepreneur who is tired of hearing ‘no’, this episode is for you! Bring a piece of paper, a pen, and your A-Game mindset on this ride with Miki Agrawal.

Listen out for:

  • How to create brands that spread like wildfire despite controversy. 
  • The ‘I’m An Asshole’ video that made Miki’s ‘poop’ company go viral.
  • 3 ingredients that help Miki create disruptive businesses. 
  • Perfection vs Iteration. 
  • Miki’s number one advice to entrepreneurs to become fearless.
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  • Live bonus Q&A session. 

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