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How Bianca Andreescu Won The US Open Using Creative Visualization?

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‘Your thoughts become reality…whatever you say eventually becomes true.’

We’re proud to present US Open Tennis Champion Bianca Andreescu on the Mindvalley podcast! In case you missed it…Grand Slam winner Bianca Andreescu went live with Vishen last week to explain how she used creative visualisation to manifest winning the US Open and how Mindvalley played a role in her triumph.

Listen out for:

  • How Bianca gracefully won the US Open Championship against the great Serena Williams.
  • Bianca shares the exact Creative Visualization technique she used to become a champion as a teenager.
  • How 17 year old Bianca got into Personal Growth after reading Vishen’s book ‘The Code of The Extraordinary Mind’.
  • Bianca and Vishen answer direct questions from the audience.
  • The first thing Vishen does after he wakes up and the last thing he does before going to bed and why that is important to him.

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We hope you enjoyed hearing about the creative visualisation method that both Bianca and Vishen use to help their visions come into reality.

If you’re interested in learning exactly how to do it yourself, Vishen is hosting a free Masterclass on Mindvalley where he teaches ‘The Mental Screen’ and 2 more techniques from the Jose Silva Ultramind method. Land your free spot here – Take the same Mindvalley program Bianca Andreescu used to become an extra-ordinary tennis champion –  Are you a teenager? Or the proud parent of one? Then you’ve got to check out Be Extraordinary for Teenagers. It’s a completely FREE Mini Quest by Vishen Lakhiani that expands on the techniques covered in this podcast – Got a story to share with us? We would love to hear the story of your transformation on


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