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How To Find Inner Peace During The Pandemic – Srikumar Rao

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‘This is a time to practise radical acceptance.’

In today’s Mindvalley Podcast, Vishen will be conversing with a very special individual in the world of philosophy, business and personal growth…whom he refers to as his personal Yoda – Professor Srikumar Rao. And he has some revolutionary ideas about how to be your happiest self and how to really tackle this anxiety-producing COVID-19 pandemic.

Listen out for:

  • Srikumar’s logical and emotional approach if you’re feeling scared right now.
  • The story of the Russian pilgrim and how it can help you find wellbeing despite world-wide suffering.
  • The concept of being ‘Radiantly Alive’ and how to embody it.
  • How you can use your awareness as a flashlight to focus on serving those around you.
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  • The power of gratitude to change your pandemic perspective. 

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