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How to Create Conscious Intimacy In Your Relationship – Shefali Tsabary

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‘Like all good sex, conscious intimacy starts with a LOT of foreplay’ 

Clinical Psychologist and critically acclaimed author Dr. Shefali believes that introducing intimacy in a marriage or even in the most casual relationship comes at a price. It requires a lot more introspection than you could ever have imagined. You can’t find it hidden in a Kamasutra book. Get prepared for a stark, spiritual awakening in love, relationships, marriage and parenting.

*This episode is from a stage talk at our Mindvalley Live event in LA.

Listen out for:

  • What the greatest orgasmic pleasure possible is – how to have the best sex life ever.  
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  • Which of your core needs were probably NOT met as a child, and how you project this pain into your relationship.
  • The problem with ‘falling in love’ without exploring spiritual growth and your true self.
  • The twin-beggar syndrome.
  • The real reason you may have a fear of intimacy. 

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